Skibo Castle



Client:The Carnegie Club,  Skibo
Location: Clashmore, Sutherland
Project Conception: 1992
Project Status: Complete
Area: 5800 m2
Project Value: £n/a


Skibo Castle lies on the shores of the Dornoch Firth. Its history dates back over one thousand years. In 1991 Maxwell & Company was commissioned  to alter the main building to provide the facilities of a modern luxury hotel whilst preserving the ambience of a private home. Where improvements were required they were to be absolutely in keeping with the spirit and style of the previous owner, steel tycoon and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who bought the property in 1898. Materials were salvaged and recycled, genuine period fittings were sourced, artisans whose families had worked for Carnegie were hunted down and employed in the restoration. The first phase of work was carried out between 1992 and 1994. 15 suites were created in the Castle and 8 lodges were renovated and brought into use for guest accommodation. A significant challenge facing the architects was to design a modern services infrastructure that was both discreet and expandable to take account of further development. The Architects worked on a succession of projects, new lodges, a health spa and gymnasium, restoration of the Edwardian swimming pool and construction of a golf club house until the Club was substantially completed in 2005. The quality of our work was indicated in Historic Scotland’s re-grading of the Castle and its designed landscape from category ‘B’ to category ‘A’, the highest status and one which recognises its national importance.