Sherrington Villa




Client: Private
Location: Shepherds Bush, London
Project Conception: 01/02/2014
Project Status: Complete 28/03/2015
Area: 125 m2
Project Value: n/a


In order to create a modern family home from two previously separated flats within what was originally a dark and compartmentalised Victorian property, the oldest on this west-London street,a sympathetic yet contemporary expansion was sought by the owners. This was achieved by the addition of a stepped double-storey extension, constructed from reclaimed yellow stock brick that was sensitive to the property’s material heritage and glazed in such a way that the building’s original structure remained legible. The form of the extension was designed in homage to the lean-to closet wings typical of the area, also allowing for the repositioning of the staircase to make space for a ground-floor bathroom. This layout aided the subtle segregation of spaces to form distinct dining and living areas whilst enabling a visual connection to the garden from deep within the house. The extension also features a projecting glass box that makes use of otherwise dead space to provide a reading nook capturing views out to the garden. The Centre of the ground floor was restructured from three cramped spaces to one large kitchen. Here pre-existing beams were left exposed to reference the building’s original layout, whilst reclaimed-timber kitchen fronts and the choice of a concrete rather than stone worktop provided a high-end aesthetic at low cost. Because of the building’s orientation the interior of the house was very gloomy – this was combated with the addition of two skylights in the ceiling of living room, one of which is a walk-on glass panel embedded in the floor of the glazed first floor of the extension.