Alistair Cooper , Nottingham Place, Marylebone :-

My wife and I hired Maxwell & Company to oversee an extensive, £300,000 renovation of our 175 sqm, two-story Victorian townhouse conversion home in Marylebone, central London. Robert Maxwell was the lead designer on the project and from day one he was relentlessly industrious, resourceful, creative, visionary, professional, punctual and crucially, an excellent communicator. It would be no exaggeration to say that Robert rescued the whole project on more than one occasion, making the unlikely possible and even going beyond his job description in helping us source materials, manage troublesome third party vendors and keep us on track.

There is a true personal touch when dealing with an eminently professional firm like Maxwell and Company. Such service is a rarity these days and we feel very fortunate indeed to have found them. They saved us!

Hugh Mitchell, Chief HR + Corporate Officer, Royal Dutch Shell plc, Braelangwell House :-

Taking on an old property can be quite daunting, especially when there has been no major investment for a long time. The relevant breadth and depth of experience we found in James Maxwell and his team gave us the confidence to pursue a series of major projects on the house simultaneously. Inevitably unexpected issues arose as the projects progressed but the collaborative problem solving approach of James and his team worked really well for us. Being away from Scotland most of the time, emails and Friday afternoon telephone calls became the norm interspersed with meetings at the house with drawings spread across the kitchen table. Through that period we developed a close and productive relationship, just as you would want when working on something as important as your family home.


Lady Henrietta Tavistock, Dowager, Duchess of Bedford:-

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

I feel very guilty having not written to you sooner to thank you very much for your patience and understanding with regard to my visit … to my son’s house.

Yesterday Andrew telephoned, very excited, saying he had received a package containing the plans and he was thrilled with them … well I would really like to thank you – not only for having taken on board my ideas and suggestions but having improved the ideas so much … really good and the new functional area is terrific, a really practical workable concept – Goodness how I wish we could have met sooner, during my building days …

I feel sure our paths will cross again, but thank you so very much… and well done, really nice plans.

Yours very sincerely



Todd Warnock, Proprietor, Links House :-


Thank you so very much for joining me on this crazy life journey. You have understood my goals and intention from the very beginning, you have shared my vision, you have learned from my American demeanor yet I have learned more from your Scottish sensibilities.

We will get finished with our Highland ‘Fitzcarraldo’ and it will be stunning in large part because of your commitment to the vision.

Thank you so very much for all that but most importantly for your friendship that will endure!

Todd Warnock


Mr & Mrs Paillat, Cornwall Gardens :-

“Rob worked with us to fully refurbish our 3 bedroom flat.  He was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, patient and calm and always answered all of our questions, even the most detailed. He is very responsive and sticks to his self imposed deadlines.

He helped a lot in the decision process and helped us go through a difficult start.

He is straight to the point and knows how to understand, improve and turn into reality plenty of initial badly formulated desires…

His drawings were very precise and complete, his designs are very well thought through, attractive and practical.  Rob also remains very adaptable to accommodate our needs. Overall, it was a great pleasure to work with Rob. We are extremely happy with his work and we would recommend him strongly.”


Jeremy Attard Manche, Fulham Road :-

“I have worked with Robert on 3 different projects and he has always been highly efficient, true to his word , energetic and original. He is also very aware of how to save costs on bigger projects. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.”


Jacqui Walker, Andalus Road :-

“Rob and his team developed my London residence from a tired Victorian terrace into a modern home with contemporary interior, whist still retaining many original period features. As a client, I really liked the hard work and dedication Rob gave to my project and he came up with suitable design solutions within my budget.

Subsequently I have used Robert for further amendments to my property such as a basement refurbishment. Rob’s eye for design and his taste level are exceptional and he is always happy to accommodate my style. On certain aspects he even improved my initial vision for the project.

I have also recommended Robert to family members and close friends, all of whom are very happy with the results. In every case their properties have increased in value with estate agents commenting positively on the contemporary standard of décor and design. Rob is always at the end of the phone to offer advice and expertise on everything from building projects and planning applications to the property market.”


Sophie Shillington, Stanmer Street :-

“Robert Maxwell  carried out the refurbishment of my home in Battersea earlier this year. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. His attention to detail knows no bounds, and there is no problem too big. Rob approached every niggling issue i had within my house with incredible patience, a tribute somewhat lacking in the design world.

Not only is he a wonderful problem solver and great at thinking outside the box, but his eye for design is outstanding. He is always ready to offer advise and has a mountain of ideas in every situation.

His project management skills are obvious in his day to day ability to manage the difficulties of the client / supplier relationship and his ability to coordinate both for a project that is beautifully finished, within the budget and on time is incredible and a very rare trait. I would definitely recommend him in the future and have already done so to a number of friends. He comes with a promise of incredible value and the comfort of knowing you are in good hands.

It has been a pleasure working with Rob and I hope to do so again if I can ever bear to leave my beautiful home.”


Bryony Walker, Ladbroke Grove :-

“Robert project managed the renovation of my home in London in Spring 2010.  This included redesigning and replacing the kitchen and bathroom of the property, as well space maximisation and built in storage solutions throughout the house.

I was impressed by Robert’s ability to come up with creative solutions for my home, incorporating my ideas and my personal style.  Despite the lack of a clear vision on my part, Robert worked with me on small details which meant I felt totally in control throughout the process, and remained within my budget.  Robert is patient, and sees the importance of attention to detail, which makes for great results.

 For me, using Robert  makes not only aesthetic sense, as I’ve achieved a great finish throughout, but also clear financial sense – the bespoke bed / wardrobe design in my awkward shaped second bedroom has transformed the space and I am able to rent the room out, which was not previously possible.  In terms of sales value, the renovation has also increased the value of my property by 23% overall (14% profit after my costs) in only 18 months.  I’m thrilled with this outcome.

I would most definitely recommend Robert’s work, and have already done so to friends and colleagues.  Robert makes a difficult job painless – he is very time-efficient, sticks to budget, reliable and trustworthy (as are the team he works with) – and the results are beautiful and practical.”